Saturday, November 27, 2010

Forest of A Dreamer

Walk, if you will, down a path that leads through this forest filled with trees that hold a white bark with random black marks and topped with leaves painted dark green. This forest goes as far as the eyes can see; its floor covered with bushes, the lightest of greens. Their color illuminated even more by a light passing through the thickness of the trees.
A path lies before you that leads you on. The dark earth with scattered spots of light shows the way through the trees as the silence surrounds you broken only by a silent breeze gently passing through, giving you a soothing peace; reminding you of the solitude which is found in this place. The path leads you further in, as it winds around and through the thickness. Minutes pass that only seem to be moments as you venture in. The beauty and the peace take you as the cool crisp air fills you and light passing through keeps you warm. A shimmer of light, unlike any you’ve seen yet, catches your eyes as the path breaks through the forest to reveal a secret held so deep within, only few have found it.
The sweet smell greets you, carried by a cool breeze not daring to disturb the still water before you. This pool of glass is surrounded by a beach made of the purest of white stone. This beach holds back the forest that presses its border, just to get closer to there source of life. Still the trees closest are tallest, seeming to brush the sky that reflects itself off the surface below.
This forest and its hidden pool of life; find it if you can. Search in the depths of your dreams, seek on the mountains of your imagination and when you find your forest, go to the heart of it and may you find your peace.

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